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PMP Certification Preparation Seminar (5-days)
The goals of this seminar are to help participants to: Understand the individual ingredients of PMI's PMP Certification Process; Prepare for its certification exam based on the revised format; and learn & practice skills, concepts, techniques and tools that will help them successfully manage projects.

Fees:  SAR 5,500


Project Risk Management Professional Certification (PMI-RMP)
This course introduces modern techniques for risk, audit, and control projects. An overview of project management techniques is covered as a refresher for the attendees. Particular emphasis is given to the methodology of the risk, audit, and control throughout the life cycle of a project. The course main objectives are to enable participants to:

  • Explain the Principles of a project life cycle
  • Understand the project best practice
  • Understand the project management maturity
  • Undertake Project Risk Analysis
  • Setup Project Control Structures
  • Report on the Status of a Project
  • Audit a Project

Fees: SAR 5,500


Planning & Controlling with Primavera Enterprise, P6 (5 days)
Get started with the Instructor's hands-on, basic training. Participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. Scheduling techniques will be covered. This course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project to completion, using the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource and costs.

At the completion of the workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Create Projects Using Project Templates
  • Build Coding Structures (Project, Resources, Activity Codes)
  • Create User Define Fields & Global Change Features
  • Create Portfolios
  • Advanced Scheduling Process Options
  • Monitoring Data Using Thresholds and Issues
  • Import & Export data in different Formats including Excel
  • Compare Schedules Using Claim Digger
  • Updating Project Baseline
  • Duration Types (Project Triple Constraints)
  • Percent Complete Types (Duration, Physical and Units)
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Handling Resources (Curves, Lag, Duration and Leveling)
  • Assigning Cost Accounts
  • Store Past Performance

Fees: SAR 4,500


Value Engineering Basic Workshop (Module 1)
This course will introduce new methodologies and techniques that will help you improve your business. It will explore some innovative tools and ideas to enhance your work performance. Upon the completion of this course, you will know how to:

  • Create Projects Using Project Templates
  • Build Coding Structures (Project, Resources, Activity Codes)
  • Use and benefit from Function Analysis
  • Scientifically compare and choose between alternatives using QBS
  • Integrate VE within the design process
  • Integrate VE with TQM
  • Develop a systematic approach to avoid unnecessary cost
  • Develop an effective team
  • Enhance the professional relationship with clients and customers
  • Identify similarities and differences between VE and other techniques

Fees: SAR 4,500


Value Management Advanced Seminar (Module 2 Total Value Management)
This special 3-day workshop will explore methodologies and techniques that help you improve your business. It will also introduce innovative ideas to enhance your performance. Attending this seminar will definitely help you change the way you think and the way you do business permanently and forever.

This workshop will also help you in reducing unnecessary costs which exist in the construction industry because of many factors such as lack of information, lack of ideas, temporary circumstances, honest but wrong beliefs, habits and attitudes, changes in owner requirements, lack of communications and coordination, and outdated standards and specifications.

Fees: SAR 4,500


Value Engineering Basic Workshop (Module 1)
All projects are inherently risky, and zero risk is not an option. The successful project manager will therefore be the one who manages risk effectively. Threats must be minimized and opportunities maximized, while maintaining a clear focus on achievement of objectives. This e-day course takes you through the risk management process in the Guide of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBok) 2000 Edition, detailing the techniques needed to make risk management work on your project, drawing on current international bet-practice.

Additional issues will be discussed, giving an approach which is proactive, pragmatic and action-based, not theoretical or academic. This course will provide proven tools to held the hard-pressed project manager deal effectively with risk.

Fees: SAR 3,750


Value Engineering Basic Workshop (Module 1)
The primary objective of this workshop is to provide best practices and skills to be able to plan, schedule, and innovative techniques to control projects at various states of a project's life cycle.

Participants will learn pro-active techniques that can be particularly applied to minimize or avoid cost/schedule overruns. At the end of the workshop, the participants should be familiar with the basic concepts of planning and state-of-the-art scheduling methodologies with an overview of practical computer applications. Furthermore, the workshop will address many of the requirements for project management professional (PMP) as related to project planning and controls.

Fees: SAR 3,500


Value Engineering Basic Workshop (Module 1)
This two-day workshop course is packed with gems. It contains both major faces of project management leadership; namely, Leadership in its absolute sense of meaning and Leadership which relates directly with, and impacts tangibly project managers. This workshop course is a unique educational masterpiece as it is the product of the hard work and years of research done by Yousef Abugosh, PMP, resulting in his vast and extensive background in leadership and organizational excellence, combined with his PMP certification knowledgebase & Project management studies. As seen from the outline, the day covers the most important soft skills leaders need to be outstanding leaders as it engages attendants into several high-impact-learning exercises and games. The second day focuses on the practical skills and insights which are important to project managers who seek to perfect their leadership skills, while also engaging them into similar exercises and games. The course is a must attend for aspiring leaders.


  • Leadership: A Close-up View
  • Learning from Leaders We Know
  • Raising Our Leadership Awareness
  • Leadership Lessons
  • The Three Roles for Leaders
  • Learning from Leadership Styles
  • Importance of Vision
  • Designing Your Personal Leadership Mission
  • Emotional Intelligence Explained
  • The Ten Leadership Competencies
  • Leadership Self Assessment
  • Having a Resiliency Attitude
  • Learning Practical Coaching
  • Powerful Insights from World-Class Leaders
  • Designing Your Leadership Action Plan

Fees: SAR 2,500


Managing Multiple Projects
Upon completion of this course participants will have a practical understanding of the concepts of project management. This course will cover the project management framework per the generally accepted guidelines documented in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide); published by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

After establishing a foundation that is based on PM standards per the PMBOK, course will cover PM concepts as they apply to individual small projects and to managing multiple small projects.

Throughout this course, participants will be able to practice the acquired knowledge in the areas of planning, scheduling, progress measurement, performance management, and forecasting.

  • Create Projects Using Project Templates
  • Build Coding Structures (Project, Resources, Activity Codes)
  • Use and benefit from Function Analysis
  • Scientifically compare and choose between alternatives using QBS
  • Integrate VE within the design process
  • Integrate VE with TQM
  • Develop a systematic approach to avoid unnecessary cost
  • Develop an effective team
  • Enhance the professional relationship with clients and customers
  • Identify similarities and differences between VE and other techniques

Fees: SAR 3,000


People Management Skills For Project Managers (2 days)
Project Management provides the organizations with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to plan and execute projects in time and within budget. In today's world, organizations focus on higher productivity on every aspect of their business by employing highly skilled Project Managers to run the show.

Today's project manager faces multiple issues beyond juggling scope, schedule and cost. Every area of project management is constrained with one or more human element. The project manager has to cope up with variety of conflicts every day. A good majority of project failures, if analyzed carefully, would lead into the failure to recognize, prevent and address one or more human issues. However, many of these would be superficially looking like other issues, and project managers try to address them without identifying the exact human issue behind it.

Human side is many a time little appreciated as potentially disastrous cause for project failure. This seminar will give opportunities to the participants for doing a self-assessment based on the knowledge gained from it. Project Managers and Project Team Members will get useful tips for a win-win situation for all stakeholders on any project. Participant's experiences will also be shared within the group for effective understanding of the concepts discussed during the seminar.

Fees: SAR 3,000


OPM3 Standard Knowledge Training Course Preparing for OPM3 Product Suite Entrance Exam (3 days)
This course helps prepare you to Work with the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, If you are seeking in-depth knowledge on PMI's OPM3 standard or even considering working as a consultant or assessor in the new and emerging field of the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), this program will provide you with the necessary knowledge to build upon for future success. The 3-day OPM3 Knowledge Course, provided in cooperation with EPM company, is an excellent way to prepare for the entrance exam, the first step in becoming a PMI Certified OPM3 Assessor or Consultant.

Fees: SAR 4,500


Managing Programs Professionally, PgMP Certification Preparation (4 days)
Following the release of The Standard of Program Management, and the PgMP Certification, Intrinsic Management presents the first PgMP training workshop in the region.

This workshop will enable the participant of becoming the first, and must-have choice as a manager of high-profile programs and initiatives, and manage programs professionally, and succeed in delivering their benefits. In addition, the instructor ensures that the knowledge for attaining their PgMP certificates is obtained.

With Programs becoming more complex, demanding, and strategically critical, being capable of managing those programs in a professional way will set you as the professional in demand!

Please note that project management experience is required for attending this course, but PMP is not a must.

Fees: SAR 5,000


Value Engineering Basic Workshop (Module 1)
If your business is seeking the leading standard in PMO thinking and certification, the ALLPMO Network is proud to present the only Project Management Office Certification (PMOC) in the world today.

This 5-day training and certification workshop is especially designed by the world reference team in PMO culture and knowledge.

You will learn:

  • Revise types of organizations and identify possible matching types of PMO setups
  • Qualify needed information and data for PMO assessments
  • Decide on the appropriate PMO structure for the organization
  • Determine what functions the PMO will play based on organization needs and requirements
  • Recognize and overcome barriers related to PMO implementation
  • Translate PMO function requirements into distinct staff member roles and responsibilities
  • Create preliminary PMO implementation plan
  • Define the needed methodologies, processes, and resources for implementing the PMO
  • Roll out a PMO and set it for operation

The PMOC certification means you have mastered the portfolio management PMO techniques made famous by authors Gerry Kendall and Steve Rollins in the best selling PMO book "Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO: Multiplying ROL at Warp Speed".

This training Guarantees that you cannot fail and will pass the exam at the end of training to earn your PMOC certification. You must achieve an 80% correct score on the final exam if you fail.

Fees: SAR 5,000


Six Sigma
Description : TBA (To be Announced)
Fees: TBD (To be Determined)

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